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Stress Relief




Stress hurts.

  • Stress affects our productivity at home and at work.
  • Stress makes it more difficult for us to give and to receive in our relationships with others.
  • Stress impacts our ability to experience joy, and to create it for others.
  • Stress causes numerous health problems, from minor annoyances to debilitating conditions.
  • Stress robs our quality of life in every way.

If your stress hasn’t reached a level requiring help from a mental health professional, you could benefit from a self-management tool.

The Wellness Resolutions Stress Relief video first provides instruction on deep breathing to effectively create both physical and mental relaxation responses. As our exercise then begins, Meryl Wexler’s soft voice leads you, accompanied by harp music, through deep breathing combined with tension and release of muscle groups throughout your body. Taking you to a new level of relaxation, Meryl guides you through deep breathing and guided visualization. By the end of the exercise, you’ll feel freer to deal with your work, your relationships and the many life challenges you face daily.

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