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Goodbye Tobacco® Program Description*

GoodbyeTobacco 72dpi Logo Final 3-20 1057Goodbye Tobacco® is an 8-session video Smoking Cessation Program taught by Meryl Wexler, President of Wellness Resolutions, LLC. Meryl is a Smoking Cessation Instructor with many years of experience teaching community health education as well as programs for employees in the workplace. With her Master of Social Work (MSW), she combines in-depth knowledge of the impact of tobacco, the Smoking Cessation process and her understanding of human behavior to effect tremendous success with those motivated to quit. In order to provide people through the U.S., as well as many international geographies the opportunity to quit tobacco based on each individual’s needs, Goodbye Tobacco® is a video program with Meryl teaching what she’s successfully instructed in person since the 1980s.

Session 1 – Introduction
(~7 minutes)

Session 1 will help you identify your personal motivation to quit tobacco use, engaging you to think about your “WHY?” for doing it. It addresses all steps of a behavior change process and will help you identify where you currently are in that process. This will enable a realistic experience from beginning to end with the ultimate goal of remaining tobacco-free. In “setting the stage” for your non-tobacco use as well as everything in life, Session 1 poses the most critical question you must ask yourself about your current status, i.e. “Is this acceptable?” If the answer to this question is yes, go no further. And if the answer to this question is no, the next seven sessions of the program provide all of the education and tools you’ll need to quit based on your personal needs and learning style.

Session 2 – Health Information
(~13 minutes)

In Session 2, you will learn about the many ways in which tobacco use can impact your health, its impact on the health of others through exposure to second-hand smoke and its impact on your wallet. The majority of health information provided is from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and, whether or not health is one of your current motivators, the education will at least make you more acutely aware of problems you could face if you choose to continue using tobacco. You might find the information shocking and, yes, it’s all real.

Session 3 – Healing After Quitting/Understanding Your Dependency/Quitting Methods
(~11 minutes)

Session 3 begins with positive information about the many ways you will begin to heal and average statistics reported for healing time once you quit. Providing this information will allow you to imagine yourself as a person who has chosen to pursue improved health, a choice that is only yours to make. You will then learn to identify your own personal dependency(ies) on tobacco, which is a critical step in successfully breaking that dependency and maintaining your tobacco-free status. Finally, you will learn about the different methods of quitting with some specific recommendations so you can determine the approach that best fits your needs.

Session 4 – Tobacco Cessation Aids
(~22 minutes)

Many people are afraid of quitting tobacco because of the negative experiences they might face, and almost everyone who decides to quit wants to know about Tobacco Cessation Aids. Session 4 goes into great depth to explain the various types of aids available, how they work and the potential side effects people should be aware of before deciding what to try. There is much to consider, and the bottom line is that certain aids are right for some but might not be right for others. And in some people’s cases, smoking cessation aids could be an inappropriate choice altogether. Listen closely as each type of aid is detailed so you can determine whether you feel it is in your best interest to try any of the aids or, if after learning about them, you will feel more comfortable taking a different approach to quitting.

Session 5 – Preparing For Your Quit Date, Trigger Recognition & Behavior Modification
(~18 minutes)

Having participated in the first four sessions, it’s time to get practical about your path to non-tobacco use. What can you actually do to get yourself ready? How can you set yourself up for a greater chance of success rather than allowing yourself to miss your target? Session 5 informs you of many action steps you can take in advance of your quit date to make sure you’re as ready as you can be when you wake up on your selected day, look at yourself in the mirror and say, “This is it”. The session will also help you identify your triggers for tobacco use to help you anticipate them and plan responses in advance to reinforce your commitment to change. Finally, this session will suggest various behavior changes you need to consider in order to break your current associations with tobacco use, recognizing that these behavior changes may be either temporary or permanent.

Session 6 – Experiences and Coping
(~17 minutes)

Session 6 addresses the physical, mental and emotional challenges that people deal with after quitting and offers many suggestions for coping. Hearing about the difficulties of quitting will validate your experience, and learning constructive ways to respond will strengthen your resolve to remain a non-tobacco user. This is a session that will fill your toolbox with the tools you need to get the job done.

Session 7 – Recovery and Relaxation
(~15 minutes)

Session 7 recognizes that you’re likely at a point of experiencing a bit of ambivalence, when you see the positives of being a non-tobacco user, but you’re a bit uncertain about the new you. It might be getting a bit tougher to stick to your resolve and you might find that you’re doubting yourself at times, so this session aims to tip the scale in the direction you chose to take by participating in the program. While validating the reality of doubts you might be confronting, the session provides different perspectives to move you toward your goal. Naturally, combining the challenges of a major behavior change with doubts can cause significant stress. You will also learn a wonderful relaxation exercise to help you through the quit process, as well as to cope with any stressors in your life.

Session 8 – Relapse, Maintenance and Final Thoughts
(~9 minutes)

Session 8 will help you anticipate situations that could lead you to relapse and will prepare you to confront them rather than give in to them. Essentially, it prepares you to always be on guard in a constructive way, providing guidance on what you can do daily to maintain focus without fear. And in the event that you do relapse, it provides positive thinking to prevent being trapped by feelings of guilt that serve no purpose.


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