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Introduction to Smoking Cessation for Individuals

Why do you smoke or use tobacco?

Is it simply because you like it, or is there more to your story?

You might or might not know what’s driving your smoking/tobacco use that may very well be a dependency, and maybe an addiction.

If you’re one of the majority of smokers/tobacco users, you’d probably like to become a non-smoker/non-tobacco user, even if only subconsciously.

  • Is fear of the unknown preventing you from trying to stop?
  • Is fear of the struggles associated with quitting holding you back?
  • Is fear of failure stopping you in your tracks?
  • Is lack of HOW-TO knowledge providing your excuse to put off until tomorrow what you could be doing today?

What if someone could help you understand YOUR personal motivation for quitting, various quit strategies that could work for YOU, help you prepare for your quit date, provide coping techniques and help you avoid relapse?

What if someone could be your guiding star, to coach you in your quitting process from beginning to end?


Goodbye Tobacco® is an in-depth 8-session video Smoking Cessation Course* to help you from beginning to end of your quitting process. We’re confident that you’ll choose to subscribe to the course to get you on the road to the new YOU.

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