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Introduction to Smoking Cessation for Businesses


Health care costs continue to be one of employers’ biggest concerns. Ironically, preventable illness is the culprit behind major financial waste that hurts not only employees and their families, but wreaks havoc on businesses that employ them.

  • You can encourage and help your employees and their families to stop smoking by providing the right means to the right end.
  • You can be the catalyst for smokers to extend the tremendous effort required to break what is often an overwhelming dependency on tobacco and nicotine.
  • You can incorporate smoking/tobacco cessation and tobacco-free status into your employee benefits strategy and design, offering a more attractive package to those who are tobacco-free or who participate in a smoking/tobacco cessation program.
  • You can be ACA (Affordable Care Act) compliant by providing a smoking/tobacco cessation program for the reasonable alternative to tobacco-free status as an eligibility requirement for lower premium contributions.
  • You can reclaim so much of the health-related financial loss from your business every year.

Goodbye Tobacco® is an in-depth 8-session video Smoking Cessation Course* that addresses all aspects of quitting, starting with motivation for change, through preparation, implementation and maintenance of tobacco-free status. Participants will appreciate personal touch learning throughout the course, inspiring true engagement in their own personal quitting experience.

To discuss volume pricing based on your number of participating employees, please reach out to us.


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