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Meryl Wexler  |  215-646-1039

Goodbye Tobacco® was created by Meryl Wexler, who initially taught Smoking/Tobacco Cessation for community participants at multiple hospitals, as well as at many employer sites for groups. After doing this for many years, she subsequently wrote and professionally filmed this detailed video course, which she teaches herself.

Goodbye Tobacco® is highly “personal touch” in style, offering a strong balance between education and support. While Meryl repeatedly emphasizes that there is no right or wrong way to quit, she firmly asserts her conviction that anyone trying to quit must be willing to be honest with themselves in the process, accepting and dealing with difficult realities in order to succeed. Meryl helps participants “feel the love” while, at the same time, evoking a calling, “the time is now”

One of the most significant and distinguishing characteristics of Goodbye Tobacco® is acknowledgment of different learning styles, with specific, step-by-step “how-to” guidance on quitting based on those different styles.

At any time when you’re in the process of viewing the program, or after completing the program, you are welcome to reach out to Meryl for assistance.